Greyhound Pets of America

Tampa Bay

Lend us a paw (or a hand)

Because Greyhound Pets of America / Tampa Bay is an all-volunteer organization, we need any help you may be willing to give. Volunteering for our group could be in many forms, so if you don't see an opportunity here that fits your needs or skills, then contact us and let's talk!

Skills Needed

  • Marketing: Help us develop & implement a marketing strategy for greyhound adoptions and for our fundraising events.
  • Sales/Promotion: Help us reach out to businesses for support, sponsorship and donations.
  • Accounting/Financial: Are you a CPA and want to donate time to audit our books?  A financial audit will help Greyhound Pets of America / Tampa Bay qualify for more grants.
  • Grant Writing: Know how to find & submit grant proposals?  You are a rare breed and we need your help!
  • Fundraising:  Got creative ideas and are  willing and able to lead a team of volunteers to help raise funds to support our adoption program?  People with Project Management and/or organization skills are ideal for this need.

Event Support

  • Meet & Greets:  If you have greyhound experience, we need your help to educate the public about this fabulous breed. Check out our calendar of events for dates, times and locations of our Meet & Greet events.
  • Golf & Tennis Tournaments:  We need volunteers that can help with a variety of activities at our annual golf and tennis scrambles. Knowledge of golf or tennis is not required.
  • Transportation: Are you available to drive long distances?  We need people who can help us transport greyhounds to forever homes up north.
  • Home Visits: Want to help us qualify applicants and ensure they understand the undertaking of greyhound adoption? We need people willing to help us with the adoption program.
  • Other Events: check out our current calendar of events and lend a hand or come for the fun!

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Greyhound Pets of America / Tampa Bay.  Given the recent election results, our Board is gathering the information needed to put together action plans.  A volunteer will reach out to you, so please be patient with us during this time.

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