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Documents & Articles about Greyhounds

We hope the documents and articles on this page provide information that help you and your greyhound. If you have any questions about greyhounds please call (727) 595-7852 and leave a message, we'll call you back!

Quick Start Guide - A great article from the perspective of an adoptive greyhound.  See what they may be thinking as they make their way into a whole new world of retirement.

Our Adoption Manual - Greyhound Pets of America / Tampa Bay's manual which includes health tips, feeding information, and behavioral tips.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie - A great article about the need to give greyhounds some space while they are sleeping or lying in their beds. A must read!

Anesthesia Protocol - Information to share with your vet about Anesthesia & greyhounds

Schedule for changing food - When changing your greyhound's food, it's ease into the transition. This document outlines a schedule that will be easy.

Harmful Foods (poster download)


Greyhounds and Anesthesia...Know the Protocol 

For years, veterinarians struggled with the oftentimes difficult and sometimes lethal outcomes when dealing with greyhounds and surgeries. Greyhounds have unique body chemistry and even the most routine dental can end in tragedy if your veterinarian is not aware of the specific protocol(s) developed to prevent greyhounds from "crashing" during surgery and post operative. Fortunately, our pets have benefited greatly from these new ways of dealing with anesthesia, and their likelihood of safely recovering have increased tremendously. If you are a greyhound owner, we highly recommend downloading the document above on Anesthesia Protocol for Greyhounds, and keep one for yourself, give one to your vet, and keep one in your automobile in case of an emergency. It could save your greyhound's life.

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