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Welcome to Greyhound Pets of America/Tampa Bay

Our mission is to find homes for ex-racing Greyhounds and to educate the public about this wonderful breed. We cover the greater Tampa Bay area, including Pinellas, Hillsborough, Hernando & northern Manatee counties.

Adopt a Greyhound and make a Fast Friend!

We are an all-volunteer, nonprofit chapter of Greyhound Pets of America, and we're here to help you find your new, best four legged friend. In addition, we are always here to provide support and information to our adopters.

We have many volunteer opportunities and fundraising events throughout the year that give our greyhound owners a chance to show off their hounds, help educate the public about greyhounds, and to socialize with other greyhound owners. We love adding members to our Greyhound Pets of America/Tampa Bay family.

If you love Greyhounds, vote "NO" on Amendment 13

Official Ballot Title: "Ends Dog Racing" 
Official Ballot Summary: "Phases out commercial dog racing in connection with wagering by 2020. Other gaming activities are not affected."

Greyhound Pets of America / Tampa Bay, along with 84 other greyhound adoption groups, asks you to protect greyhounds by voting NO on Amendment 13.

 * The amendment does NOT end dog racing. It states you cannot wager on the outcome in Florida. Along with removal of pari-mutuel wagering from dog racing, the rules and regulations that protect racing greyhounds, such as drug testing, also go away. Many animal sports exist without wagering (rodeos, horse competitions, etc.) and they exist without State regulation. We do not want this for the racing greyhound breed. 
                               * The amendment does NOT end wagering on dog racing. It states that in Florida you cannot wager on dogs that race in Florida; in Florida you would still be able to wager on dogs racing in other states & countries, where the laws protecting greyhounds may not be as strong as they are in Florida.   In other states you could still wager on greyhounds racing in Florida.

* The amendment makes NO provision for the existing greyhounds. Organizations that want the amendment to pass donate a very small amount of money, if any, to help feed, spay/neuter, vaccinate, transport or house greyhounds if/when racing kennels close. Instead, these organizations are spending millions to spread falsehoods about what is currently happening with these dogs. As volunteers for over 25 years, we have first hand knowledge of the great strides the industry has made to protect this breed. We are very concerned what will happen to the 8,000+ greyhounds currently employed. It's our mission to ensure retired greyhounds go to responsible homes after being properly vetted and transitioned to a life in a home.

* Greyhound Pets of America / Tampa Bay’s position is based solely on the best interest of the racing greyhounds. It is not motivated by money - we are all UNPAID volunteers who care so deeply about this breed that we each spend thousands of hours every year putting their interest before our own.

Others such as the Florida Chamber of Commerce, The National Animal Interest Alliance, the American Kennel Club (AKC), the National Rifle Association (NRA), The Lexus Project are against Amendment 13 and encourage their constituents to vote NO. Read more about their views by clicking this link.

People on all sides of an issue can and should have civil debates without name calling, without distorting facts & figures, and without outright lies/fabrications. To this end, we have posted corrections & clarifications to statements we’ve seen in the news, on social media and in postcard mailings; click this link to read more. We cite our own first hand experiences based on over 25 years of greyhound adoptions as well as outlets such as Charity Navigator. Our goal is to inform, not to offend.


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Check out other pages on this website, we've included lots of information, photos & videos. Want to know more about ex-racing greyhounds? Watch a short documentary by Tenoroc High School and begin your introduction into the awesome world of greyhounds!

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Derby Lane

Greyhound Pets of America / Tampa Bay adopts ex-racing greyhounds from the kennels at Derby Lane. Click here for more information.


BISSELL and have teamed up to help organizations like ours raise money, and now you can help too!  When you purchase pet products from Bissell, a portion of your purchase will be donated to GPA / Tampa Bay.  This works online or after you purchase at a local store.


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