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A Special Thanks to Derby Lane!

Greyhound Pets of America / Tampa Bay extends our thanks to the kennels and trainers at Derby Lane Greyhound Track for all of their assistance. Derby Lane has supported our adoption efforts for many years, and for that, we are grateful.


Attending Derby Lane With Your Greyhound

If you have a greyhound from Greyhound Pets of America / Tampa Bay and would like to visit Derby Lane with your dog, there are very specific guidelines that have to followed. Before attending with your hound, you MUST call GPA/Tampa Bay at 727-595-7852 to obtain permission, get instructions, and be given proper GPA/Tampa Bay identification. If you do not follow this procedure you may be turned away. Also, please remember that Greyhound Pets of America is a racing neutral organization, and while representing GPA/Tampa Bay, this is the sentiment that is to be expressed.