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GPA/Tampa Bay Adoption Requirements

Adopting a pet is a big decision, and GPA/Tampa Bay is committed to helping you find just the right hound for your home. We are equally entrusted to place our greyhounds in safe and loving environments.


Before you take your new pet home, a GPA/TB representative will discuss the following requirements with you:

  • The greyhound be spayed or neutered before adoption.
  • The greyhound must have a collar specifically designed for greyhounds
  • The greyound must be kept as an indoor pet
  • The greyhound be kept as a personal or family pet and be provided humane treatment and proper care.
  • The greyhound's annual vaccinations be kept up-to-date.
  • The greyhound will not be raced. The greyhound will not be used for hunting.
  • That GPA will be notified immediately if the greyhound is lost or stolen.
  • The greyhound will not be used for research or be given or sold to a laboratory.
  • The greyhound will wear identification tags at all times and must include the GPA tag along with any other tags.
  • The greyhound will be returned to GPA if the adoptive family for any reason cannot keep the dog or the family does not work out for the greyhound. GPA/TB will revert to sole ownership of the dog and be fully responsible for rehoming.
  • The greyhound must not be tied to anything.
  • The greyhound is to be leashed walked if an appropriate fenced yard is not available. We strongly advise against the use of retractable leads.
  • The greyhound is never to be off lead unless in an enclosed area.
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