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Our mission is to find homes for retired racing Greyhounds. We cover Pinellas & Hillsborough, the greater Tampa Bay area, Northern Manatee and Hernando Counties. Click here to fill out an adoption application.

Adopt a Greyhound and make a Fast Friend!

Adopt a Greyhound

Greyhounds and Greyhound adoption is what our organization ia all about. We are an all-volunteer, non profit chapter of Greyhound Pets of America, and we're here to help you find your new, best 4-legged friend. In addition, we're always here for adopters to provide support and information. We also have many volunteer opportunities and fundraising events throughout the year that give our GPATB greyhound owners a chance to show off their hounds, help educate the public about Greys, and to socialize with other greyhound owners, making new friends along the way. We love adding members to our Greyhound Pets of America - Tampa Bay Family. Want to know more? Check out our NEW GPATB Commercial in the "Features" section below, or click HERE to begin your introduction into the awesome world of Greyhounds!

Our Greys...

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Ted Arizona Buttons Digger Georgia North Rain Medley


Save the Date!
Hamburger Mary's
Clearwater, FL
Monday, August 8th
Dining begins at 6:30pm with Bingo starting at 7:30pm

Hamburger Mary's Clearwater is teaming up with GPATB again to help raise money for our Greyhounds. Hambingo night will be a fun night for all...there will be prizes, raffles, and entertainment for everyone!

Adopt a Greyhound



GPATB Greyhounds Homeward Bound!

May flight to Pennsylvania

Our GPATB Greyhounds joined BRAVE TIDE and pilot Jason, who took them to their Forever Homes in Pennsylvania. Congrats to Brady, Danny, Frank, Jash, Ohio and Simba...we'll miss you all, but know you're going to love your new humans!


April, 2016 GPATB Transport

April saw TWENTY-TWO of our terrific Tampa Bay hounds heading to their forever homes! On April 1, Don and Joy Burk, kennel owners and operators at Derby Lane drove our Greyhounds to awaiting groups in Ohio, Michigan and Canada. Many thanks to them and all of our supporters who helped make this transport possible!


GPA/Tampa Bay A Featured Speaker in Greyhound Documentary!

GPATB is excited to announce that we are one of the featured adoption speakers in Tenoroc High School's Documentary, "Greyhounds: From Farm to Couch."
The piece turned out to be an amazing production, with the racing portion filmed at, and featuring, Derby Lane. We commend the students and their teacher for their hard work and dedication in producing this very enlightening documentary. We wish them the best of luck in their competition that showcases all aspects of life of this magnificent breed!


GPA/Tampa Bay Commercial Rolled Out!

The amazing students at Tenoroc High School have also created a commercial for our chapter to specifically inform the public about GPATB and our wonderful greyhounds that are available for adoption. This is a very informative piece, so please take a momment to watch and share this with everyone you know!


GPA/Tampa Bay Facebook Feed


Scramble Fore The Greyhounds 2016 Recap

Our second annual "Scramble" turned out to be a great success...even better than last year! We would like to thank all of our sponsors, participants, and volunteers for making this 2-day event so enjoyable and the single most successful fundraising event in our GPATB history!

Friday Golf Event


Saturday Tennis Event


Our Amazing Sponsors!




We are currently looking for an accountant that would work with our group in preparing an audited statement for our group for grant purposes. Since we are a non-profit charity organization, we are hoping for an au gratis offer, or at a significantly reduced rate. Please contact us at 727-595-7852 or email us at info@greyhoundpets.com.

Looking for new landscaping ideas that are considered "pet friendly" for your hound? Or maybe you just want to add a little bit of "life" to the inside of your home? Now you can reference our Pet Hazards page for a list of indoor and outdoor plants that are deemed appropriately safe by the ASPCA for your beloved 4-legged friends.

Greyhound Pets of America, Tampa Bay Chapter is registered with the State of Florida under the following information:
Registration#: CH38076




Greyhounds and Anesthesia...Know the Protocol

For years, veterinarians struggled with the oftentimes difficult and sometimes lethal outcomes when dealing with greyhounds and surgeries. Greyhounds have unique body chemistries, and even the most routine dental can end in tragedy if your veterinarian is not aware of the specific protocol(s) developed to prevent greyhounds from "crashing" both during surgery and post operatively. Fortunately, our pets have benefitted greatly from these new ways of dealing with anesthesia, and their liklihood of safely recovering have increased tremendously. If you are a greyhound owner, we highly recommend downloading the following document on Anesthesia Protocol for Greyhounds, and keep one for yourself, give one to your vet, and keep one in your automobile in case of an emergency. It could save your greyhound's life.



The Race: An inspirational movie by Alan Jackson