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Our mission is to find homes for retired racing Greyhounds. We cover Pinellas & Hillsborough, the greater Tampa Bay area, Northern Manatee and Hernando Counties. Click here to fill out an adoption application.

Adopt a Greyhound and make a Fast Friend!


When you Adopt a Greyhound, you are bringing a pet with a full and rich history into your home. Once known as "Companions of Kings," the breed was considered to be fit only for the most noble of families. In nearly every instance, when you adopt your GPA/Tampa Bay Greyhound, we can provide you with not only the immediate history of your new Hound, but also with the resources to view his or her lineage dating back hundreds of years. Bring some Royalty into your World...take a look at our available Greyhounds and let us help you find your next Forever Friend.

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Cosco Dario Pops Wizard Davis Wave Yoda Apple Barney Perry Rangler Snickers Wayne Gus Sneakers Bob Ryan

Sohpisticated Styles Salon and Spa Again Presents:
"...Have some Wine and Unwind"
A Wine and Chocolate Tasting Event


On Friday, September 25, 2015, this event will be held between the times of 6pm and 8:30pm at the Salon, located at 31133 US Hwy. 19 North in Palm Harbor. The suggested donation amount per person is $10.00. In addition to beverage, there will be Hors D'Oeuvres, Raffles, and 50/50 events. All proceeds of this event will go to the GPA/TB greyhounds. Start your weekend off right...enjoy some wine, unwind, and relax. You deserve it!
Preregister via email, or call 813.920.4768 to be included in a drawing for a Spa Basket worth over $100.00.

!!! Sunday, December 6, 2015 - Mark Your Calendars !!!
Kick off Your Holiday Season at Our.....


GPA/TB will be kicking off the 2015 Holiday Season with our ANNUAL "FALL" PICNIC! This year's gala will be held at Philippe Park in Safety Harbor, at Shelter #6 from noon - 3PM.. Your GPATB Greyhounds are not only invited, but are, as always, the Stars of the event! This paw-featured-party will include hot dogs and beverages provided by our Chapter, but please bring a side dish to share. In addition, there'll be Raffles, Auctions, and MANY items for greys, non-greys, and humans, for sale. THINK HOLIDAY GIFT GIVING!!!! All proceeds of this annual event go to helping find our amazing greyhounds Forever Homes.


GPATB Greyhounds Take To The Skies!

August Flight to Maryland

The summer skies of August found six of our much loved GPATB greyhounds headed to Maryland and their Forever Homes. This go round, our skybound hounds were Havoc, Lucy, Becky, Chandler, Elsie, and Classy. Congrats to all of them, and to their lucky families!


July Flight to Pennsylvania

July 11, 2015: Yet six more of our beloved GPATB Greyhounds became cloud bound hounds on their way to Forever Homes. Congrats to: Real, Shane, Mister, Kit Kat, Lucky, and Ace for their safe landing and new beginnings!


June Flight to Ohio

June 29, 2015: Six more of our much loved GPATB Greyhounds took to the heavens enroute to their Forever Homes. Peter, Fiddler, Reba, Farah, Flash, and Buck all co-mingled with the clouds while eager humans awaited them in Ohio. Three of them then proceeded on to Canada! All of them were perfect passengers for their amazing pilot, Jason, and they are now lounging comfortably on fluffy beds. We always find it a bittersweet moment to watch them fly away. We'll miss them, but we know that the end of this journey finds them all celebrating new beginnings as 45mph couch potatoes. Congratulations, our precious 4-legged boys and girls, WE LOVE YOU!



Heartstrings Hounds...Can they play their music to your soul?


Barney and Sneakers...A "Tail" of Two Brothers

Not so long ago two beautiful greyhound brothers were born into a litter of champions. Barney and Sneakers, one a beautiful Red with the most expressive eyes and dark snoot, the more serious of the two. The other a stunning White & Brindle boy, the playful, less serious boy. As time progressed and they went through training, everything seemed normal as racing greyhounds go.They were placed into a kennel at Derby Lane with a couple of their siblings, If you follow the racing at Derby Lane, their other brother is "Joey Ice" a multiple stakes winner and well known throughout the industry. Barney & Sneakers never did well as racers. Not unusual, as every family can't have multiple stars...but their story is just beginning. Click HERE to read the rest of the very special "tail" of these two littermates.



Slide Show of the Scramble Fore the Greyhounds Fundraiser at Bardmoor Country Club, 4/2015. Due to the large number of images available, this was compiled on Photobucket...browse all the pics, or find your favorites and ENJOY!


Slide Show of the INCREDIBLE sponsors for this event...GPATB simply can't thank you enough for your generosity and support of our greyhounds!



Images of our February, 2015 Burger 21 Fundraising Event (click on the thumbs for larger images.)


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Images of our Fall 2014 VillageFest Super Meet and Greet (click on the thumbs for larger images.)





We are currently looking for an accountant that would work with our group in preparing an audited statement for our group for grant purposes. Since we are a non-profit charity organization, we are hoping for an au gratis offer, or at a significantly reduced rate. Please contact us at 727-595-7852 or email us at info@greyhoundpets.com.

Looking for new landscaping ideas that are considered "pet friendly" for your hound? Or maybe you just want to add a little bit of "life" to the inside of your home? Now you can reference our Pet Hazards page for a list of indoor and outdoor plants that are deemed appropriately safe by the ASPCA for your beloved 4-legged friends.

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Greyhounds and Anesthesia...Know the Protocol

For years, veterinarians struggled with the oftentimes difficult and sometimes lethal outcomes when dealing with greyhounds and surgeries. Greyhounds have unique body chemistries, and even the most routine dental can end in tragedy if your veterinarian is not aware of the specific protocol(s) developed to prevent greyhounds from "crashing" both during surgery and post operatively. Fortunately, our pets have benefitted greatly from these new ways of dealing with anesthesia, and their liklihood of safely recovering have increased tremendously. If you are a greyhound owner, we highly recommend downloading the following document on Anesthesia Protocol for Greyhounds, and keep one for yourself, give one to your vet, and keep one in your automobile in case of an emergency. It could save your greyhound's life.



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