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Greyhounds and Adoption

For centuries greyhounds have been bred to hunt by outrunning their prey. They are the world's fastest breed of dog and their speed is simply breathtaking. Years of breeding for speed have given them graceful and athletic bodies. The need to think quickly while running has increased their native intelligence. Greyhounds have always been totally dependent upon their owners, and since greyhounds are raised and run with other greyhounds, they make great companions.
Greyhounds placed though GPA are usually between 2 and 5 years old. They stand between 24 and 31 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh between 50 and 90 pounds, females generally being smaller than males. Greyhounds come in a variety of colors including black, red, blue, fawn, or a combination of these colors, various shades of brindle and all of those colors broken with white.
There is nothing unique to greyhounds that prevents them from getting along with other pets and children. In fact, greyhounds tend to be more gentle and more patient than many other breeds and prefer to avoid confrontation and conflict. Forever eager to please, these gentle giants enjoy peaceful coexistence.
The greyhound's devotion to his or her owner is legendary. Greyhounds are grateful for their new homes and reward their owners with never-ending affection. Raised with their litter mates where they had to compete for affection, they thrive on being the center of attention.
Greyhound ownership is a serious responsibility. Our policy is to ensure that anyone who adopts a greyhound will be capable of, and willing to, accept that responsibility. You will be asked to complete an application and to abide by the decision of our adoption screening committee. GPA is a non-profit organization and must perform its goals through donations of time and money.